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Professional Editorial Services

You’ve devoted countless hours of work (read: blood, sweat, tears) to your novel. You want to see it published. Except it isn’t enough to write a terrific story. Never has been. Whether your goal is submission to an agent, a traditional publisher or to self- publish, every book benefits from objective, professional editing. Teamwork helps you focus on specific, storytelling elements, while enhancing and polishing your unique voice and style. I provide a detailed, comprehensive manuscript evaluation keying on plot, continuity, characterization, dialogue, point of view, pacing and scene-setting. Clients receive extensive, itemized revision notes—not just vague, editorial coaching. I don’t merely point out problems. I explain why a problem exists and suggest remedies. The process is akin to a private, writer’s workshop geared exclusively to your novel. After you review the notes, we’ll schedule a one-on-one teleconference for an in-depth discussion of your book. The line-edited, copyedited manuscript will then be returned to you, ready for revision. And you’ll be reenergized, eager, and better equipped to use your newfound skills to create compelling, character-driven fiction.

Suzann Ledbetter Ellingsworth, a former Contributor/Contributing Editor to Family Circle magazine, has written and published fiction and non-fiction for over twenty years. She understands story, editing and the publishing industry. She knows the work and effort you’ve put into your manuscript. By sharing professional insights, she teaches skills needed to create stronger, compelling fiction now, and in future projects. For more information regarding a manuscript evaluation and fee, please contact:

Delta Blues

Available Now!

Delta Blues Anthology

- From the Introduction by Morgan Freeman

"This collection of short fiction captures both the art of the tale and the power of the blues, and is a nod at the human condition that often inspires musicians to write and sing the blues."

Suzann's short story "Songbyrd Dead at 23" is one of many stories inspired by the Delta Blues culture. Other stories by James Lee Burke, Charlaine Harris, John Grisham, Carolyn Haines and more.

For each book sold, Tyrus Books will donate $1 to the Rock River Foundation, to aid in their efforts supporting the arts and literacy in the Delta.


Crime doesn't pay...enough

Private investigator Jack McPhee has a two-word business philosophy: no partners. Rules are allegedly made to be broken, but Jack didn't expect that a contract to nab the so-called Calendar Burglar would force him to team up with a ten-pound, hyperactive Maltese.

Or that as McPhee Investigations goes to the dogs, he'd fall deeply in-like with Dina Wexler, an undertall groomer, whose definition of a P.I. comes from watching w-a-a-y too many detective shows.

Or that his absolutely genius idea to catch a thief would make him the prime--and only--suspect in a cold-blooded, diabolical homicide.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Available Now!


Recent Releases !

Halfway to Half Way

Suzann's novel, Halfway to Half Way, is available in stores and on

Hannah Garvey, the resident manager of Valhalla Springs, thought she had this love thing all sewn up. She's engaged to Sheriff David Hendrickson, and thinks the future looks pretty rosey. That is until one of Sanity, Missouri's most esteemed citizens becomes the county's latest homicide victim. Meanwhile, Delbert Bisbee and the Gumshoe Gang are driving Hannah nuts, doling out advice, delving into an old missing-person's case and digging dirt where they don't belong. Literally. And no matter what they unearth, there's just no halfway about has a funny way of happening when you're making other plans.


Greyhound Pets of America

Find out about Greyhound adoption here.

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