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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Mass Market Paperback (March 2009)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 0778326365
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Private investigator Jack McPhee has a two-word business philosophy: no partners. Rules are allegedly made to be broken, but Jack didn't expect that a contract to nab the so-called Calendar Burglar would force him to team up with a ten-pound, hyperactive Maltese.

Or that as McPhee Investigations goes to the dogs, he'd fall deeply in-like with Dina Wexler, an undertall groomer, whose definition of a P.I. comes from watching w-a-a-y too many detective shows. Or that his absolutely genius idea to catch a thief would make him the prime--and only--suspect in a cold-blooded, diabolical homicide.

Halfway to Half Way Halfway to Half Way
Mass Market Paperback (May 2007)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 0778324508
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Hannah Garvey, the resident manager of Valhalla Springs, thought she had this love thing all sewn up. She's engaged to Sheriff David Hendrickson, and thinks the future looks pretty rosey. That is until one of Sanity, Missouri's most esteemed citizens becomes the county's latest homicide victim.

Meanwhile, Delbert Bisbee and the Gumshoe Gang are driving Hannah nuts, doling out advice, delving into an old missing-person's case and digging dirt where they don't belong. Literally. And no matter what they unearth, there's just no halfway about has a funny way of happening when you're making other plans.

Once A Thief Once A Thief
Mass Market Paperback (May 2006)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 0778323005
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If there’s anything Ramey Burke requires from life, it’s harmony. But now her well-ordered existence is shot. Ramey’s elderly uncles and aunt, Ed, Archie and Melba Jane Dillinger, are out of the slammer – and the gang swears they’ve finished robbing banks for good. The geriatric felons have nowhere to go, so how could Ramey turn them away? Besides, what mischief could they possibly get themselves into now? But trouble soon arrives when a corpse turns up in Ramey’s front yard. Now sexy detective Mike Constantine is sniffing around the scene and Ramey’s uncle is looking more like a murderer by the minute. With her own suspicions and family secrets to keep, Ramey finds that her life is definitely more law than order these days. And at the end of the day, Ramey has to decide if she can trust her aged kin – but she can’t help thinking once a thief …

Deadly Housewives Deadly Housewives
Avon Trade - 320 Pages; (May 2006)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 0060853271
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Suzann's short story, How To Murder Your Mother-In-Law, is one of many top-notch stories in the anthology Deadly Housewives.

Ahead of the Game Ahead Of The Game
Mass Market Paperback (September 2004)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 0778320685
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Sometimes you have to play by your own rules...

Zoey Jones, the divorced mother of a teenage daughter, neither expects, nor particularly welcomes a reunion with her unrequited high school flame, Detective Hank Westlake. When the couple's "not a date" to go bowling ends in Zoey's father's arrest for murder, it's the worst, most terrifying day of Zoey's life.

Or so she thinks ... until her daughter goes missing.

In Hot Pursuit In Hot Pursuit
Mass Market Paperback (September 2003)
MIRA Books; ISBN: 1551666871
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Sometimes you have to go backward to move on...

After the brutal murder of her husband, police officer Liz Rivas entered the Witness Protection Program to save her young son. Now a stranger arrives in Pfister, Missouri -- is he a connection to her former life or a threat to the new one she sacrificed everything to build?

A Lady Never Trifles With Thieves A Lady Never Trifles With Thieves
Mass Market Paperback (May 2003)
Pocket Books; ISBN: 0743457471
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"The simple truth is, I was born clever...." So says spirited young Denver City detective Joby (Josephine Beckworth) Sawyer—and she isn't bragging. With a whip-sharp mind, self-taught expertise in biology, herbology, chemistry, criminality, and legal action, Joby can pretty much get her man. But there's one still hanging on the line: her devoted policeman beau, Jack O'Shaughnessy. In Joby's line of work, murder and mayhem come before matrimony. And with two new cases to crack, her wedding gown can wait.

For now Joby has to get the goods on a no-good abusive husband so a wealthy wife can get out with her fortune and her features intact. Then, a high-class jewel thief goes from larceny to murder as a woman is found strangled with her pearl necklace. Against Jack's wishes, Joby takes a crack at the case with the help of her mentor, Won Li. Determined to prove she's as good an investigator as any man, Joby must use both her brains and her beauty to catch a thief—before he kills again.

West of Bliss West of Bliss
Mass Market Paperback (July 2002)
Mira Books; ISBN: 1551669250
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A going-away party for Eulilly and Chet Tomlinson at a restaurant is interrupted by a workplace shooting. Former Secret Service agent Chet shoots the gunman and the case is chalked up to a disgruntled restaurant employee. But David Hendrickson, Hannah Garvey, and the senior sleuths of the Valhalla Springs retirement community think the incident it too cut-and-dry.

North of Clever North of Clever
Mass Market Paperback (December 2001)
Mira Books; ISBN: 1551668483
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Life is anything but dull for Hannah Garvey, the resident manager for Valhalla Springs, an exclusive retirement community in the Ozarks. She's helped clear Sheriff David Hendrickson of a manslaughter charge, been caught almost in the act with the said sheriff by his parents, and recruited into bridesmaid duty for a shotgun wedding--senior citizen style. Just a typical day in Sanity, Missouri.

Then the circus comes to town...and Hannah gets a visit from a man she never knew: her father. At least, that's who magician Reilly Boone claims to be. Reilly's overjoyed by the reunion--until his lady illusionist wife, AnnaLeigh, catches a *real* bullet in the bullet-catch trick...and he's arrested for murder.

Circus folk stick by their own, and no one's talking. And with David and Hannah in the middle of their own three-ring circus of romance, secrets and homicide, it's up to the gang of senior sleuths to get to the bottom of things under the big top.

South of Sanity South of Sanity
Mass Market Paperback (March 2001)
Mira Books; ISBN: 1551667975
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Boredom isn't an occupational hazard for Hannah Garvey, the resident manager for Valhalla Springs, an exclusive retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks. In less than twenty-four hours she's survived an assault with a deadly weapon, been caught in a compromising position with Sheriff David Hendrickson and consoled her boss's sixty-seven-year-old mother--who's just been busted for growing marijuana for the members of her bi-weekly bridge club.

East of Peculiar East of Peculiar
Mass Market Paperback (May 2000)
Mira Books; ISBN: 1551665972
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Somewhere just east of Peculiar . . . Hannah Garvey is about to run smack into her new life.

Trinity Strike Trinity Strike
Mass Market Paperback (January 1996)
Signet Book; ISBN: 0451186443
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The Wild West in the 1880s during gold rush fever is a time when fortunes are made overnight and hopeful immigrants flock to America. From the heart of Ireland comes the irrepressible Megan O'Malley, whose own spirit mirrors that of the untamed frontier.

Klondike Fever Klondike Fever
Mass Market Paperback (October 1997)
Signet Book; ISBN: 0451192877
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Beautiful and brave Megan O'Malley had come of age in the brawling, booming gold fields of the West. Now she can't resist the lure of finding the greatest mother lode of all in the vast north country. But she didn't count on a man from her past reappearing in her life--to join her in the ultimate adventure on the final frontier.

Pure Justice Pure Justice
Mass Market Paperback - 352 pages (April 1997)
Signet Book; ISBN: 0451191943
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Halley Brandt's two brothers were dead, gunned down in cold blood. Now she's left with their Texas ranch, a burning hatred, and a fierce determination to search the whole Lone Star state to find their killer.

Colorado Reverie Colorado Reverie
Mass Market Paperback - 384 pages (January 1997)
Signet Book; ISBN: 0451190971
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Dianna Redieu is a legend of the West--a beautiful spitfire who is more than a match for any man in games of chance, where a flip of the pasteboards can spell fortune or ruin, and good hands at the table must be backed by fast hands with a gun.

Deliverance Drive Deliverance Drive
Mass Market Paperback (September 1996)
Signet; ISBN: 0451188608
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Jenna French is still young and beautiful. But she is saddled with the debts of a husband who lied until he died--and faced with a desperate gamble to free herself of them.

Redemption Trail Redemption Trail
Mass Market Paperback (April 1996)
Signet Book; ISBN: 0451187490
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From her con-man father, Abigail Fiske inherits a stake in a Colorado gold mine. The mine promises great riches if it pans out, but the trail west is treacherous, and when Abigail arrives, she must convince a band of surly prospectors they need a woman in their ranks.


Shady Ladies Shady Ladies: Nineteen Surprising and Rebellious American Women
Hardcover - 320 pages (August 2006)
Forge Books; ISBN: 0765308274
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One of Suzann's recurring themes is how women make a difference. With Shady Ladies, Suzann examines the lives of nineteen historical women who did just that. Read about doctors, lawyers, photographers, artists, chemists ... who all just happen to be women. You may have heard of some of them, but you're sure to recognize the effect they've each had on our lives today.

Nellie Cashman Nellie Cashman : Prospector and Trailblazer
Paperback - 83 pages (March 1993)
Texas Western Pr; ISBN: 0874041945
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While the 19th century's rules of ladylike demeanor were as strait-laced as whalebone corsets, Nellie Cashman didn't depart her beloved Ireland and adopt America as her homeland to be shackled by Victorian conventions. Incurably stricken with gold fever, Cashman became a prospector and thrived on adventure. She saved Grand Central Mining company magnate E.B. Gage from an Old West-style "necktie party," prevented five men conviced in the Brisbee Massacre from the degradation of a circus-style execution, was the first white woman to trek British Columbia's rugged Cassiar Mountain region and--a half-century later--was the first woman to fly there in an airplane.


I Have Everything I Had Twenty Years Ago I Have Everything I Had Twenty Years Ago, Except Now It's All Lower
Hardcover - 152 pages (May 1995)
Crown Publishers Inc; ISBN: 0517599791
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The Toast Always Lands Jelly-Side Down The Toast Always Lands Jelly-Side Down : And Other Tales of Surburban Life
Hardcover - (1993)
Crown Publishers Inc; ISBN: 0517595524

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