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"Bug Tussle"
Because bugs seem as fond of the great indoors as people are, a recent multi-legged invasion inspired a jaunt to the supermarket for a supply of toxic chemicals designed to annihilate anything having more legs than the domestic human and/or pet population. More ...
Libraries are holy places, like churches with stacks instead of pews, where people speak in hushed voices and those who don't get the evil eye from others. More ...
"Float Trip"
Perhaps part of the reason I like winter better than summer is because few invitations to cruise a waterway in a canoe arise after the snow starts flying. More ...

For Writers
Resources to Aid and Abet Research
Subject Guide to Books in Print: identifies books in print on myriad topics from antique price guides to the history of shoes.
Microfilm: available through your library via ... More ...
"To Market We Go"
If there's one caveat I preach ad nauseum, it's BE PROFESSIONAL. The person to whom you submit your work is a professional editor. That editor expects professionalism from writers submitting their work for consideration. More ...
"Tips on Home Office Management"
Do find a place of your own in which to work. It isn't impossible to write amidst domestic chaos, but like a corporate CEO, you deserve a reserved parking place. More ...
"Humorous Asides"
Oral or written humor requires two people: the jester and the straightperson. More ...


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