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Suzann Ledbetter is a gifted humorist, a columnist for Family Circle magazine, author of The Toast Always Lands Jelly-Side Down and Other Tales of Suburban Life and I Have Everything I Had Twenty Years Ago, Except Now It's All Lower, two books that take a laugh-out-loud look at suburban life in the nineties. Since 1988, Suzann Ledbetter has been taking lighthearted pokes at everything from nonsensical refrigerator features to school lunchbox packing tips in her Family Circle "Flip Side" column. If you like laughing at life, you'll love laughing with Suzann Ledbetter.
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Lecture/Workshop Topics

  • Life is Like an Ice Cream Cone�You've Got to Learn to Lick It
  • Man is a Creature Made at the End of the Week When God Was Tired, Whereas Woman is the New, Improved Model
  • Come Fly With Me�I Need All the Help I Can Get
  • If Life Was a Phone Book, I'd Be Listed Somewhere Between Betty Crocker and Betty Friedan
  • Only in America is Combining Motherhood and a Career Called "Liberation"
  • Frontier Angel: The Amazing Adventures of Miss Nellie Cashman
  • Two-Hat Professionalism: Combining Creativity with Entrepreneurship
  • Bylines and Babies Do Mix: Adventures in Home-Office Management

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